The business partners that became lovers! Hope & King’s romantic pre-wedding shoot

love story

Wedding vendor, Diko photos recently shared Hope and King’s romantic pre-wedding shoot with us and we love it!

Read their love story and view photos from the album below:

I never believed in this soulmate business but I met mine and had a paradigm shift. We met at a friend’s place and suddenly became so fond of each other like we had known for ages. A month later we met again at work, Was so shocked to find out he was the auditor at my office. Nobody wants to be friends with the police man but we got so close that everyone else thought I was a snitch. Everything seemed so perfect but there were too many obstacles. King always believed in us and that encouraged me to give us a try.

We started dating August 4th 2013, dated for about 2 years and it was time to take it to the next level. It’s been an amazing journey so far, he has been my best friend, partner in crime, business partner, brother, husband to be and so much more.

hope-and-king hope-and-king-1 hope-and-king-2

hope-and-king-3 hope-and-king-4 hope-and-king-5 hope-and-king-6 hope-and-king-7 hope-and-king-8 hope-and-king-9 hope-and-king-10 hope-and-king-11 hope-and-king-12 hope-and-king-13 hope-and-king-14

Photography @dikophotography



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