First photos as Twin Sisters ‘Married’ To Same Man Dedicate Babies In Church


They are sisters. They are twins. They decided taking their bond higher when they both got married to the same man.

Maybe both married the man at the same time, and marriage consummated at same time because they in company with their able husband, were in church on Sunday June25, 2017 to dedicate the fruits of their marries sisters2

man marries sisters3

The ‘innocent-looking’ husband was present with them to dedicate the babies at the Christian Evangelistic Church, Ikpe Akpa Ewe in Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

But a Facebook user, “FearGod Akpakpan” who posted in a Face book group, has had to contend with friends who commented on the post and accused the church of promoting polygamy, Akpakpan replied:
“Take note it was child dedication not marriage.”



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