Lady marries her first and only boyfriend years after she asked God for it (photos)

Chidinmma and Kunle got married on the 30th of September, 2017 and have graciously shared their aww-inducing love/proposal story.

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I will go with you, wherever, whenever till forever

From the bride, Chidinma:

Growing up at the age of 15-16, I remember asking God that when I get older & start dating, my first boyfriend should not only be my first and last boyfriend but also he should be a man after Gods heart so he knows how to love & respect me dearly!

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Not knowing God really did listen to my prayers. 7 years ago Kunle and I met in church & although we were too young to make marital decisions, we just knew we were meant for each other!!!

I never wanted to start dating until I was at least 21 years old.  However, when I began attending RCCG Temple Hills, I noticed a handsome young man playing the bass guitar.  Crazy enough, I have never been so attracted to anyone in my entire 18 years, but even from a distance I knew there was something special about this young guitarist. 
Sunday to sunday, we would say Hi to each other but for some reason, I desired more than casual conversations. So, on this fateful day, He gave a testimony at church and I remembered He had used the computer at the technical department where I was a part of to log into His Facebook account. Hahhaa you guessed right!!! I sent him a message on FB, telling him how great I thought his testimony was and ever since that fateful day in 2009, we’ve spoken every single day 🙂Kunle Ayegbusi has been my best friend, soulmate, motivator and many more…A lot of people teased me for not having experience dating around but today I am proud to say my first boyfriend really indeed is my last boyfriend.  I’m glad I can advise younger girls that dating is not something you should rush into. If you wait on the Lord & let Him pick your partner for you, He will provide nothing but THE best..

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The Groom, Kunle:

So I can tell you first hand, that I have the more accurate story of how we met. We met in our church R.C.C.G Christ Chapel. She had newly joined the church, and since the first day I met her, I was struck by her beauty and natural calmness, but we had barely said a word to each other.

I’ve always been part of the choir, and at the time she was part of the Technical Department. I remember I gave a testimony about a trip I recently went for and I realized she was paying the most attention to my story.

When the service was over, we barely spoke. 
But I realized that when I got home, I had a new Message in my Facebook Inbox. Apparently she decided to shoot her shot, and slid in my DM!!!
I can’t lie I was excited, but I had to play it cool  as usual. From that day on, we have grown in love, understanding & happiness. It has been a thrilling adventure filled with pleasant memories.











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